Our People

We’re a beautiful medley of new and old, contemporary and vintage, monochrome and rainbow. A beautiful mess that makes sense – just like the Kaleidoscope. We are what we call ourselves – KL.LK.

Our Credo

We are a progressive, young and forward-looking team that lives the doctrine of ‘Have fun, create ideas, lead the way!’

Most importantly, we are transparent and connected. We make clients a part of our journey. You will now have access to and the control of your projects at your fingertips, from any of your smart devices.

Meet Our Team

We’re the back-benchers, the smart-asses, the nerds, the geeks, the chatterboxes, the silent-killers; We’re the careful-observers, the creative-thinkers, the innovators, the problem-solvers and most importantly fun-lovers!

Join Our Team

What’s in it for you?

You’ll be working among some of the greatest minds in the field, you’ll have great fun and you’ll learn loads – like loads.